Apart from finished products we provide metal working services with the use of our CNC machines.

  • Cutting


    Gate shears

    Cutting length – 3100 mm

    Thickness – 13 mm

  • Bending


    Bending brake

    Pressure – 160 T

    Length of cut – 3000 mm

    Bending brake

    Pressure – 320 T

    Length of cut – 4420 mm

  • Burning


    Plasma cutter

    Up to 1000 mm of sheet metal thickness

    Laser cutter

    Up to 25 mm of sheet metal thickness

We offer professional garage gates by the renowned company Normstahl.

Various colours, models and designs. We also provide assembly and size adjustment services.

Our offer covers a wide range of gate automation, control, radio and security equipment.

We also provide assembly of elements purchased from us.