From the very beginning of our operation we have upgraded our machine stock to not only work faster and more precisely, but also to equip our customers with the most advanced technology.

We hold the following certificates

The quality of metals constructions and safety of their operation require the designer and manufacturer to observe the highest standards:

ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001:2008

Is the international standard that covers requirements pertaining to quality management systems. It is applicable when an organisation needs to prove their capability to continually deliver a product that meets customer’s requirements, and requirements as regards superior regulations.


ISO 3834ISO 3834

The standard ISO 3834 describes quality requirements as regards welds of metal products. They may be applied in connection with the standard ISO 9001 which guarantees quality during production as well as while servicing the customer.


Welding of load-bearing steel structures requires specialist technical know-how and experience. There also must be proper welding supervision carried out by personnel with the required qualifications. In the European countries to be able to carry out constructions that are subject to building supervision it is necessary for the producer to be qualified by authorised bodies based on the applied standardization regulations:

EN 15085-2EN 15085-2

Quality requirements and certification of welding manufacturer is the international standard that contains detailed instructions regarding the welding of railway vehicles (trains, trams, underground railway, etc.).

PN-EN ISO 14731PN-EN ISO 14731

Our company boasts skilled personnel in the scope of welding supervision and control of welding joints. Technology supervision of all welding operations is carried out according to the standard PN-EN ISO 14731.

PN-EN 1090PN-EN 1090

  • PN-EN 1090
  • PN-EN 1090
  • PN-EN 1090